Friday, December 31, 2010

Saying Bye to 2010

This was a crazy year- my first pregnancy, our first son born and growing to 4 months.  Other things happened- like work, home, life, but everything revolved around L.  We didn't do too much work on the house, but we had our first successful garden that yielded many HUGE zucchinis, corn, sweet and juicy tomatoes, herbs, and peppers.  We built our deck in my 3rd trimester, with the help of my cousin.  

I have to say 2010 was a heck of a lot better then 2009...that was the year my grandfather passed away, as well as our dear kitten- it was an emotional year.  I am looking forward to 2011, watching my son grow, growing myself as a mother.  I am not however looking forward to ending my maternity leave.  I am never one to make or keep resolutions- on the rare occasion I have made them.  Yet this year I just have to make some commitments with myself.  I really need to begin exercising again.  I am ashamed to admit but I haven't exercised since about 6 weeks in to the pregnancy- when my morning sickness started.  I feel weak and out of shape, which is not fun!  I am not sure how I will manage working out, returning to my job, taking care of L, keeping the house clean, etc...I am still brainstorming a way to balance everything.  Besides exercise my only other resolutions will be to continue to be devoted to L, nurture him and be present with him, and to make time/plans for D and I to have "date nights".

We aren't doing any major celebrating tonight for NYE- just staying in, making dinner, possibly watching a movie.  Tomorrow is a service for D's uncle who last monday passed away due to cancer (I really hate cancer BTW).  It will be sad to start out the new year with such a loss, but it reminds me that life is short, to enjoy it now, and spend it with those I love.  

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