Monday, December 20, 2010

Feeling Rushed

The holidays are upon us- time has been flying and I just feel rushed.  This morning we had to wake up early to drive D to the train station for work.  This was the first time I had woken L up that early and left the house (good practice for when I return to work).  He actually did great- stirred a little when I first picked up him out of our warm bed, but then fell right asleep once I buckled him in and started driving.  

After dropping D off we came home and I showered while L played in his bouncer- he can now pull the frog that plays music and it's been a great distraction for when I need to shower.  L also decided to poop (for reference we also call the bouncer his poop chair since that always seems to happen when we set him in it).  He had a "blow out" so I was scrambling to rinse/wash the wool cover, and bring in the diapers that were washed last night.  We made it out the door in once piece and headed to a lactation consultant appt.  Although breastfeeding has been going well I am still having some nipple pain and wanted to see if there was something we could do differently.

The LC helped a lot.  She suggested we change a few things and I immediately noticed a difference in the way his latch felt- less pinching.  Then we headed over to the post office to buy stamps (we still hadn't mailed out those beautiful holiday cards).  Now I know going to the post office the monday before Christmas isn't the smartest thing to do, but I wasn't sure where else to go.  We tried to get stamps at stores over the weekend but they were out.  I figured with this rain, it would be better to make one trip then multiple.  The post office was packed, but the line moved quickly.   L flirted with people in line- he has started to make eye contact, smile, and then turn his head into me as if he is bashful.  

After getting the stamps we stopped to make a return and then finally headed home.  L was famished, so once home we nursed in bed and he fell right asleep.  I think I will take a nap too...

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