Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Belated 4 Months

Another month has gone by (you're officially 4 months and 5 days) and you're growing so fast!  This month has been a big one- literally!  I think you have put on more weight and length then any other month- you are bursting out of many clothes and have almost doubled your birth weight.  You smile so much now, just noticing me across the room gets you all giddy and excited!  Oh and the giggling, it's absolutely heaven!  

I have to watch you so much more carefully since you have begun to move.  Taking your photos this month was fun but we could hardly get you to take your hands out of your mouth- you adore those hands (yay for teething!) and have also just discovered your feet (thank you for holding them up and helping during diaper changes).  Bear, L Bear, Misters, many nick names that I imagine will confuse you when you start to learn/understand your name.  Daddy and I are starting to show up in your features/expressions- your hair is still a little red.  In a few short months you will begin solids, sitting up on your own, crawling...I am so excited to see your personality develop, although it's beaming through in these last two photos.  

Happy 4 months bear!

Click here to see the rest of the photo shoot.

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