Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh What A Day!

Countdown 7 days till I return to work...

Since my maternity leave is soon ending and D is now off work with me, I have had glorious plans to maximize our family fun.  Today was supposed to be the highlight; every first Tuesday of the month is free museum day in SF (De Young, Legion of Honor, MOMA are all free).  We especially wanted to go to the De Young because many of the art from the Musee D'Orsay are being displayed.  When we were in Paris it was by far our favorite museum, and who doesn't love post-impressionist paintings.  I hoped we could make it to both the De Young and the MOMA, D knew better.

The day started off alright; D went to the dentist, I pumped a hefty bottle to save for another day, and got L dressed.  We fixed ourselves up and left before noon, but soon found ourselves stuck in traffic.  Fortunately D knew a back way so we kept driving on side roads.  L had been great all morning but decided to turn down the charm on the ride.  We made one stop to nurse and change diapers- the crying/screaming hadn't rattle us too much and we were still in good spirits.  We arrived in the city, and made our way to the De Young only to find out the Orsay display wasn't free like the rest of the museum, and we wouldn't even be able to buy a ticket, it was sold out.  Major bummer!  At this point we were hungry so we stopped by the museum restaurant and ordered some food.  L was being such a cutie!  He was flirting with strangers at the next table, smiling up a storm, I saw many babywearing moms- our order was forgotten but came quickly after D went up to the kitchen to ask about it.

D and I decided to leave the De Young without even walking around (we had been many times before) and go to the Legion of Honor for their Japanesque display.  I think this is the point where L decided he was done.  L fussed in the ergo, I changed him, held him, nursed him...still fussing.  D took him for a bit in the ergo to see if he just needed to sleep (he has a hard time falling asleep while I where him, he only wants to nurse to sleep).  After pulling out all our tricks and still getting a fussing baby, we left the museum feeling a little defeated.  Yes, we went to two museums, but we didn't really absorb any of the art at either one.  Funny though- as soon as we get outside away from building, L falls asleep.

Then the day/evening just gets worse.  We attempt to eat dinner at Magnolias- L was so not having it.  It was loud, he was over tired, over stimulated, hungry, and just fed up with our plans.  D changed him, I nursed him, and as soon as our food arrived we asked for it to go.  I took L outside and he instantly settled.  What is it about being outdoors that calms him, I don't know exactly....I have always found it more peaceful though.  So there we were at the intersection of Haight and Masonic (not a calm or quiet intersection by any means), and L just seemed like his happy self.  We get to the car, planing to eat on the ride home (no utensils needed) and L lost it.  For a while L has decided he no longer likes being buckled into his car seat, and usually takes a bit to calm down in the car.  Tonight however, he went crazy!  The poor little guy was so distressed, screaming, no screeching, in the back seat.  I hooped back there, D sang to him, tears rolling down L's face- we pulled over.  I nursed him for quite a while.  It was one of those nursing sessions where he is still choking back tears for the first minute, then he is gulping it down like he hadn't eaten in a day, and finally is out asleep- at peace.  I put him back int he car seat (hey, we have to get home somehow!) and the crying starts again!  Luckily some singing, lullaby pandora station, and the motion of the car help him fall asleep.

Oh What A Day!!!  It was an adventure to say the least. We are all thoroughly exhausted, but hey, we got some cute photos.

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