Monday, December 20, 2010

December 2010 Etsy Finds

1. The Fearless Hare print- with this Slovak proverb  "Fear is worse than misfortune itself" .  My mother is from Slovakia, last year I got her the fox print, and wanted to get this one this year, but time got in the way- there's always birthdays/mothers day.

2. Hand Knit Baby Duffle Coat- custom orders wool or cotton, can choose color and size.  Knitted baby clothing is just about my favorite thing, too bad I only know how to crochet...may be time to learn knitting.

3. Colorful Balls Locket- Nice coloring with a glass bead.  I have a thing for lockets, as seen in a previous post.

4. Red Iconic Camera Small Backpack- not necessarily a backpack for your camera, but could be.  I like the looks of the soft grey canvas with he brown leather looking zipper flaps.  I wanted to get this for D for Xmas, I guess there's always a belated gift.

5. Take Me For A Walk print- Absolutely adorable, vintage inspired, and perfect for a nursery as seen here.

6. Angel Wings Baby Wrap- GORGEOUS!  Nothing else needs to be said.

7. Wet Bags- made by Monkey Foot Designs, nice fabric selection in varying sizes.

8. Hand Knitted Red Pom Pom Hat- Again with the knitted baby products.  I ADORE this hat.  I actually first saw it here (great blog).  I wanted a hat at least like it, but I was so thrilled to find that it was available on Etsy. Babka purchased it for L- he will get it for Xmas.

9. Wool Baby Slippers- Cute!  Even though L can't walk yet, these would keep his toes nice and toasty.

10. Rainbow Felt Pillow- Would add a nice pop of color to any room.  Might be an easy DIY too...

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