Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Visited some friends in the city- who just happen to have an adorable son, Owen.  And he is about 2 weeks younger then L.  Clearly they are meant to be best friends.

*Photos taken by friends- we were sans camera.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tongue and Standing: AKA Happy 9 Months!

Here we are- equal parts in the womb and out in the world- 9 months!  Time keeps creeping up on a year, something I could barely imagine when you were born.  Sticking out your tongue and pulling up on ever-single-thing imaginable = your favorites.  But only second to the most popular game in our home- clearing off the book shelf- you never tire of it, and I surprisingly don't mind constantly putting the books and toys back because it brings you so much joy.  This game has helped develop so many of your new skills- pulling yourself up, standing, bending down to pick something up...You're a goofy little man right now and it's so intoxicating.  All the love in the world!


Fingerling potatoes, cherries, blueberries...

Interestingly enough he ate them in order- blueberries first, cherries second, potatoes third.

What an attentive audience - waiting for dropped pieces clearly.

Not letting any go to waste...

All gone!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Still at it...

Running that is.  My timing is really sad- like my best 5K time so far is 36:12.  Thats pretty slow, but for me its huge- I never thought I would be able to run for 30 min straight.  Right now I am doing the bridge to 10K, which allows me to build on the 5K and pushes me to a 10K.  I have done all my runs on the treadmill, but tomorrow I plan to try for a morning run outside- I'm staying in south bay so babka can watch L.  A little intimidated about it...

BTW the above pic is of the first woman ever to officially register and run in the Boston Marathon, in 1967.  Found here.  She was harassed by the men who didn't want her to run- what the heck were they so fearful of?

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Boss

So I had my official last day at work on Wednesday.  It's still surreal that I wont be returning to the place I spent most of my waking hours at for the past 3 years.  I've shed some tears- mostly because I will miss my friends/coworkers, and a part of me is no longer- the part that worked in that clinic, with that population, doing that kind of work.  I know this is not the end of my relationships with friends from work- nor is it the end of my career as a therapist- but it is the end of this chapter, and thats more then a little sad.  L and I also said good bye to daycare- and as much as I cried over leaving him there, eventually they became a part of my motherhood journey.  We will still visit- I spent a lot of time there because I went every day on my lunch to nurse- they are some awesome ladies that take wonderful care of other peoples children.

Enough about the sadness- I am also so excited and happy!  Today is my first day alone with L as a stay at home mom.  So far he has gotten up about the same time we would for work, he had some breakfast, nursed, I've been able to start some laundry, put away dishes- and now he's playing before I put him down for a nap.  It's cute that his favorite activity is playing with laundry, and clearing off the book shelf.  Books fascinate him- not baby play books- but paperbacks that I read.

So for now- here's my new boss- helping with the laundry

Thursday, May 19, 2011

He liked it too!

Finished reading Tina Fey's new book: Bossypants- I think I may be a tit nazi...

Sunday, May 8, 2011


This is something I will miss about daycare- yes, I quit my job again, for reals this time!  L made me this card, which is hanging up in my office at the moment.

It reads, "I am like a flower thats raised with love by you.  You help me grow up big and strong.  Mom, thanks for all you do!"  I tear up every time I read it.

Happy Mother's Day

The other day I told D-   I don't care if we never celebrate my birthday ever again, as long as we celebrate mothers day-  because that actually matters!  Being a mom is the hardest, most meaningful, and amazing accomplishment of my life.

Last night D and I went to dinner while L spent time with his grandma.  It's the first time I have been out to eat at a nice restaurant- it's been nearly impossible to find good dinning while adhering to the dairy free needs of my little bear.  So we discovered Gather in Berkeley- they offer vegan, gluten free, and meat entrees- something for everyone.  I had a vegan kale caesar salad, a vegan pizza, and the best part- vega carrot cake for dessert.  It was AMAZING, and I can't wait to try more vegan cuisine since it's a guarantee we wont be dealing with dairy.

Leigh at Marvelous Kiddo- one of my favorite blogs- has a mothers day post with beautiful pictures capturing different mommy moments.  Here are a few of my favorite:

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bath Time Mohawks