Saturday, November 3, 2012

2nd verse- same as the first?

So I'm in the second trimester- and it's still pretty rough.  I'm almost 15 weeks and was really hoping the nausea and overall weak feeling would be gone.  I have been able to attend L's preschool more frequently, which I love.  And I am a little less nauseated, but if I don't get enough rest, or move around too quickly- puking happens.  I think I can say this pregnancy is harder then the last.  I was working 32 hrs a week and commuting 1 hr each day and I was able to do it after the first week of nausea hell.  This time if I had those same commitments I would be even more of a wreck then I already am.

I have been trying to eat a lot of protein and whole foods- when I can get them down I do feel better.  A hardboiled egg with some avocado and a pinch of salt has been my go to breakfast.  I still seem to need a starch to help with stomach acid, but I am so happy to not just be ingesting terrible grain based, sugar based foods.  I have also been loving milk- which is insane since I do not like milk, we never drink it in our home for several reasons- but it's working for me right now and in the big scheme of things is healthier then some other stuff I can stomach.

Next week we may find out the sex of this baby- I hope I will get excited after that.  This pregnancy has a lot more uncertainty then the last one; we might (I really want to) move into a better fitting home, insurance is horrendous, maternity leave is going to be harder as I am self employed, our renters may be moving out around the time the baby is due, birth options are a constant concern on my mind, and L has really been regressing with all the changes of me being so sick.

I'm so tired of being sick, I miss having energy, I miss exercise (I laugh at my previous ambitions of continuing to run into pregnancy- I'm lucky if I walk around on some days), and I want to have the same excited happiness I felt last pregnancy.  Work is going well- I'm proud I have been able to hang on to that at least.  I haven't missed a single appointment.  I found another therapist to sublease my office a couple days that I do see patients, and possibly more days as I go on maternity leave.  It's nice to know some of my expenses will be covered.  

L was Buzz Lightyear for halloween.  It was cute, he was pretty scared the skulls, blinking eye decorations, but he did go to a few houses and get some candy.  At the first couple houses he tried to walk inside- it was cute, but I had to remind him that we only ring the doorbell and stay on the porch.  I can't wait for Christmas, L is going to love it this year, and I BETTER feel better by then, or this uterus is seriously closed for business indefinitely...