Friday, December 10, 2010

Going Backwards and I'm Grateful for Ceiling Fans

I didn't make a post yesterday for the December Photo's a simple project, post 1 photo each day.  But nothing is simple any more, or rather nothing is easy or expected.  L has been teething- yes teething at 3 1/2 months.  He is chewing on his hands, toys, and my nipples constantly!

Night time has become difficult again.  L had finally gotten into a routine with regular sleeping patterns- we still co-sleep/share a family bed, but I was no longer being used as a human pacifier all night.  Well it seems we have gone backwards.  The last two nights have been very trying, I think my nipples may fall off.  L can't sleep unless he has them in his mouth!  D spent much of the early evening with L in the ergo so I could sleep, and then again did so around 4am.  I am more rested today because of that, but I would love to have a nice nap by myself right about now, and it's not even noon.

Tonight D and I will be having a date night.  The plan is to drop L off with D's mom, grab some food and go see the new Harry Potter.  I haven't seen a movie in the theaters in almost a year.  We stopped going to the theater during my pregnancy because I had to use the restroom so often that I missed too much of the movie, plus it saved money.  I'm excited for tonight, but the thought of cuddling in bed with D and just sleeping sounds so nice, or maybe getting some laundry done, or actually doing anything uninterrupted!  But no, it will be nice to relax and enjoy ourselves.

So here's my photo for today.  L staring at the ceiling fan while I pump and type this post.

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