Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rental Rescue: Mini House Tour

We have done quite a bit to our little rental house- and the reality is it will never be 100% what we love, but it's getting more and more comfortable.  Here are a few shots of our home- being used and lived in- having a toddler means never really having a tour quality looking home.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

20 months!

Today L turns 20 months- full toddlerhood, starting the "terrible" two's, talking up a storm, running with no fear, learning patience, getting ready to potty train, being able to be away from me more, lover of hugs, constant kisser, continual demander of booby, amazing-adorable-f*cking fantastic little guy.

L now calls D and I "mommy and daddy"- graduating from mama & dada- he says "no" A LOT.  But recently the way he says "no" as evolved and I kinda adore hearing him say it.  So it's less frustrating cause he is so damn cute.

People are always saying he needs a little hair cut but D and I don't feel it's necessary- we like watching his little waves and curls form- maybe before he turns 2.  We had a housewarming party this weekend but didn't take a single picture!  L started to learn everyone's name at the party and loves to repeat them.  He has also been bouncing back and forth from awesome sleeper to terrible sleeper.  I think his 2 year molars must be making an appearance because he is chewing on everything.

Wheels are turning for his 2 year birthday party- it's nice to have a home with a very usable back yard.  Hopefully before June I can start L in swimming lessons.  He likes to lay in the bathtub on his tummy and say swim while kicking in the water- seems like he is ready.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bye friend...

I don't know if there is anyone still in my life that would know him by this name, but shmerph (inbucus) passed away today. He was 14 and my first baby. He moved with me at least 15 times (even had a short stay with a friend) and he was a constant while other animals, and people came in and out of my life. I'm incredibly sad but at least he isn't in pain any more.

This came about suddenly- last week he was fine, this week he became more fatigued and then we noticed the struggling to breathe.  The vet was a disappointing experience-I'm not sure if it was because they didn't want to tell me he was basically dying and be sensitive to a desire to keep him alive or if they wanted to milk some money out of me- but they ran $600 worth of tests which came to the conclusion that it's heart failure and possibly cancer.  Meds would only help for a short while and he would still be suffering.  We decided to euthanize him today.  We decided not to be in the room due to the extra cost (which is ridiculous imo), but maybe it was a way for me to avoid my own pain of watching him pass.  We were able to take his body and have created as best we could a grave for him in the front yard.

It's been an emotional few months with our pets- we have gone from a 3 pet family to a 1 pet family- I have no regrets, our dog is in a better home for him, and my cat was old and it was his time.  But it's been hard...

Maybe if I have time I will write Incubus's little life story- or at least the stuff I experienced with him...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend

We had 3 different celebrations this last weekend- 2 easters and a birthday....we are still recovering from all the commotion.