Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Supermodel

8 Months Oh My!

This is our sad attempt at L's 8 month photo shoot.  D once again was going out of town for work and had to leave by noon today- which meant so much to do before he left.  L actually turned 8 months on Easter Sunday sadly no time for pictures that day- I guess the one's from Saturday can count....

Oh My! is just the right statement for this monthly milestone.  Mr. Man you are doing so much- you started to crawl, but interestingly enough aren't too interested in perfecting the crawl.  Instead it seems that you just want to climb and start to walk!  You take every opportunity to pull yourself up, climb on me and daddy, the crib (which we lowered today for this very reason).  You love to babble and have the da da sound down- still waiting for you to melt my heart with a ma ma.  You are still the most gorgeous thing I haver ever seen

Look at that red hair!!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Serious Easter

The mood was not accurately captured in these photos- looking back at them I question whether it was a family gathering for Easter or for a funeral...

And finally some baby girl Norah was so adorable...



Sunday, April 17, 2011

Night Owl...

Friday night was ridiculous...

L wanted to play, then scream, then eat, then play, scream, eat- not sleep, and not allow us to sleep.  We're still recuperating and D is moments away from leaving for a four day job- meaning it's me and L fending for ourselves.  Kinda scary.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Czechoslovakian Babywearing

Yes, I know it's now The Czech Republic and Slovakia- but it wasn't when my mom left at 15 to come to the US, and well all these pictures remind me of old family photos and my one visit to my moms village at age 12.

When I saw this image on this blog link from Kellymom on facebook, I thought- this could have been taken in my grandparents front yard- and sure enough it was from Slovakia.

And these two are from Czech Republic...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Days off...

L and I ended up staying home on Monday since his fever spiked up to 102.8.  It still seems to just be teething.  Tuesday I headed to work, but about 2 hrs into the day daycare called- L needed to be picked up, he was inconsolable.  Those upper teeth are no joke.  Plus I thought 7 1/2 months was a good time to experiment with reintroducing dairy in my diet- FAIL.  The dreaded dairy poop returned and he has been blowing up the place.

The more I am away from work, the harder it is to go back- and L is so fun right now.

Over the weekend we celebrated D's dads bday.  L is starting to show some stranger anxiety as he made the most amazing sad faces when family came up to coo over him.  Drop offs at daycare are getting harder emotionally- L cries and does his best sad face- even if someone is holding him when I leave.

I am almost done with my couch to 5K torture adventure.  I can officially jog for 28 min, but very slowly.  So after I finish the 9 week program I will have to pick up the pace if I really want to complete the 5k distance.  Working out and eating healthy has much more meaning to me now that L is around, and especially because I will be battling for VBACs with my future children.

These next few weeks are going to busy ones- it seems like every weekend we have plans.  I think D and I will have to plan a vacation before we burn out.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Massive Cuteness

I can't help but post up these pictures- taken spir-of-the-moment while putting away his diapers.

Earlier today L started getting fussy and sleepy- took his temp and sure enough 101.3. It's probably related to the three possibly four teeth he's about to cut.  Ended up giving him a dose of tylenol, some much needed comfort nursing where he fell asleep for a nice hour and a half nap.

He woke up in a great mood.  And with the warmer weather L is able to wear some super cute thrifted summer clothes. So here he is in all his glory- fortunately we took these pics when we did because right after he blew out his diaper and had to change clothes.