Wednesday, November 30, 2011

15 months!

Yep- my little guy is 15 freaking months!  He is growing and challenging me more every day.  This last month has been particularly difficult with all the sickness and the major stressor of my final exam.  Oh, and L showed me what tantrums can REALLY look like- lets just say there can be lots of hitting, screaming, kicking, and not a lot of sleeping or hugging.

I think a lot of L's frustration comes from being so smart (yes I am that kind of mom) and understanding so much more but still not being able to express it or execute it himself.  His vocabulary is growing and he has these new babble sounds that I adore- they are sweet and pluck my heart strings just like his first coos.

Our little guy also speaks broken Slovak- thanks to mama not knowing much and babka only able to teach him when she is around.  But seriously this guy doesn't really know the english words for a few things...and I like it that way.

Woot Woot!

Doing the happy dance while hacking and sniffling...

I passed my final exam- I will be officially licensed before the end of the year!!!!

All while sick, and with a sick baby- I wouldn't have been able to do this without my mom who took over watching him while I rested and crammed the last few days.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving in Pictures

Making Progress

We are officially coming to the end of one of our most trying weeks- D getting over a cold, family gatherings (not a bad thing but certainly stirs things up and uprooted us for the travel), L being sick, L teething something awful, L having the most outrageous tantrums (hopefully due to not feeling well- because I am not prepared for this to be how he is), and me eventually getting sick (and at the worst time...).  I'm just trying to keep my eye on the prize...

BUT, we have made some progress with our finances.

1. Get quotes on car and home insurance Still need to do more searching, because right now it seems we have the cheapest available options
2. Switch to cheaper health insurance plans We cut our insurance cost by 2/3s!!!  Obviously sacrificing coverage and gaining higher deductibles.  But we hardly go to the Dr and even if we because seriously ill it wouldn't cost too much more then paying the full cost of the more inclusive insurance.  Now we are eligible for an HAS and I need to look into that
3. Decrease going out for food (restaurants, fast food, coffee shops, etc) This is happening
4. Make more mindful grocery choices This is also happening
5.  Use what's in the pantry This is also happening
6. Utilize the library (more) Haven't had the opportunity- only reading exam books
7. Obey the budget! Within reason... Struggling with this one
8. Eliminate debt This is also happening
9. Eliminate stuff (garage sale, ebay, craigslist) Still need to do
10. Search for cheapest places to buy products we use regularly- possibly buy in bulk So far have found Trader Joe's to be the best option- I have so much love for that store.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

iphone randoms

I took these off of D's phone.

L and I getting ready to go met a friend in Oaktown, a sad sandwich pickle, earlier this summer L taking full advantage of our busted front sprinkler (now fixed), L hiding in the credenza, goat farming from a shoot D was on.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Inspired by Anna's Fauxdenza- but wanting it to be freestanding, we added legs.  It's still lacking hardware- I am conflicted on what knobs or pulls would work and look best- though I am leaning towards something chunky brass and vintage to offset the streamlined modern look.  But L loves it despite it's incomplete state.  It was created using ikea kitchen cabinets and framed in plywood.  We then finished it with danish oil and poly for the nice walnut color.  The legs are those oh-so-affordable and versatile mid century tapered legs from Ace hardware.  I am having second thoughts about the location and size of the legs- maybe they should be taller, maybe more wide set.  It's a work in progress and fortunately those are easy fixes.  This project did get the wheels turning and boost my confidence that we can create other semi custom pieces....

Thursday, November 17, 2011


First thing in the morning poop blowout, spider in the bathtub, poop on my phone, then pee blowout at the playdate so we had to head home early since I didn't bring enough extras (L managed to need a clean diaper, shirt, pants, and I also needed a clean shirt- had everything but an extra shirt for myself)...

I really am avoiding studying for my exam...oh and I'm also avoiding exercise/running- injuring my shoulder has been a great excuse.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Why is it so hard....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011


Recently I tracked how much we were spending to get a sense of where we need to make changes and what kind of budget is realistic.  Even typing that I just recently did this is somewhat embarrassing.  I know tracking and budgeting is money 101- but being comfortable as a DINK (Double Income No Kids) meant we didn't have to watch every penny.  Obviously with me not working and having L- our situation is way different.

So what did I learn after tracking our spending?  We need a major overhaul- it was BAD!  Way too much on going out to eat, random shopping trips to Target, home improvement projects, and our groceries in general.  It was nice that it gave us a baseline so we can get started with budgeting and ultimately saving- but it was also a little depressing.  After the initial shock of our materialistic expensive ways wore off- I made a plan.

1. Get quotes on car and home insurance
2. Switch to cheaper health insurance plans (Wont be able to change L's till January- damn open enrollment billing cycle drama)
3. Decrease going out for food (restaurants, fast food, coffee shops, etc)
4. Make more mindful grocery choices
5.  Use what's in the pantry (this is hard with a kid- he is picky sometimes and then he is a terror when he doesn't eat)
6. Utilize the library (more)
7. Obey the budget! Within reason...
8. Eliminate debt
9. Eliminate stuff (garage sale, ebay, craigslist)
10. Search for cheapest places to buy products we use regularly- possibly buy in bulk

A disappointing realization was that couponing isn't really for us.  Yes it's popular now, saves some people A LOT of money, and gets a little obsessive (extreme couponing soon to be part of a DSM diagnosis?!?!).  But have you looked at what coupons are for?  Boxed, unhealthy, processed, even toxic products.  Basically, I could coupon but I would be sacrificing the quality of foods and products we use.  I have found a few organic, healthy coupons here and there- but it's almost a waste of time looking (time=money sorta).

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Red Ball

I don't know if you can tell, but I haven't really felt like blogging- the writing portion at least. So I will just keep posting cute pictures of L.  I'm so glad Fall is finally here, soon I should have an update on the laundry room (it's 99.9% complete).  L is over 14 months now (woah!).