Monday, December 27, 2010

Mom Shoes

So we all hear about pregnancy changing our bodies, and yes, my body is different then before L- just not in the way I expected.  Fortunately I lost all the "baby weight"... though my shape feels a little different, but I can fit into all my old clothes.  My shoes however are a different story, I can no longer wear many of them.  I blame this in part on my feet growing (yes, feet grow and remain larger after pregnancy for many women), getting used to wearing only flip flops (its all I could wear at the end with the heat and the swelling), and some changes in my posture.  I have so many cute heals and it's just too uncomfortable to walk around in heals- add carrying a baby and it's just not doable.  So enter what I deem "mom shoes".  I got a pair of "as cute as possible" danskos with great arch support.  They are growing on me because they are red (love red shoes), and they are very comfy.

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