Monday, December 13, 2010


Today I have a horrid headache...possibly due to no caffeinated tea this morning.  Also last night was a difficult night for sleep again.  L nursed to sleep, but I found myself in an uncomfortable position so I gently moved him to the cosleeper.  Fortunately he slept for 2 hours in there before I woke to see him smooshing his face against the side closest to me.  It's breathable material, but still worrisome, so I brought him back in the bed with me.

L's napping during the day is becoming the most difficult task of them all.  L fights sleep, to the point of being over tired, then gets pretty cranky.  Things that help him nap are babywearing and nursing in bed.  Today only the latter worked- stupid me didn't think to sleep myself while in bed with L.  But there were adorable and fun moments, and L looked incredibly cute in his star outfit.


  1. I totally know how you're feeling. My daughter is going through the same thing. The only way she'll sleep is if I nurse her and let her sleep in bed with us. It scares my husband though. She's been fighting her naps so much that she hardly even sleeps anymore. Hopefully they'll outgrow this!

  2. Yes, co-sleeping can be scary, but we do what we have to do- No sleep would be scary too! L is going to daycare mid Jan and I worry about him being able to nap there...