Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cloth Diaper Update

 So I must admit that I have not been a devout cloth diaper loving mother.  I thought I would be but having a bunch of disposables on hand (gifted to us before L came) made it extremely easy to resort to sposies (cute name for disposables, ha!).  But we have finally started to increase the types of cloth in our stash which has made me appreciate cloth much more.  Prefolds are great and affordable, but the covers we have aren't very soft and I hated seeing red marks on L during changes.

I have however LOVED cloth wipes.  I don't know why anyone wouldn't use cloth wipes at home.  They make so much sense, clean better, and are easier on the skin.  We simply have a peri bottle of water with a little grapefruitseed extract in it to put on the wipes as needed.  We also just bought cheap gerber wash cloths and use them as wipes.  With many washes, they haven't started to tater yet.  And if you cloth diaper you wash at the same time, no extra work but a lot of less trash/spending!

Back to diapers- maybe I'm lazy, but all in ones/all in twos rock my world.  They are basically like a sposie but you wash them and reuse.  They are just a one piece diaper (or with a simple liner), so really easy and fast to use- plus the ones I have are super soft.  L has worn only cloth, for the last two days, and just one leak (probably due to me not putting a cover on very well- L was being incredible squirmy)!  We haven't actually had any leak issues with cloth yet (we did with huggies for a bit).  Yesterday D's mom took me and my SIL (a veteran cloth diaperer) to an awesome store that sells cloth diapers and other great baby products you rarely see off the internet.  I was able to pick up a couple fitted for night time, a wool cover (my first wool product!), and another grovia- they were perfect christmas presents.  So I now have a pretty good set going and hope to never have to buy a sposie again.

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