Thursday, December 8, 2011

A bit about DIY

I have done my fair share of DIY projects (here, here, here, here, here, here just to name a few).  And with the arrival of pinterest there never seems to be a shortage of inspiring projects or cute creations.  But when is it enough and how do you know if it's worth it.  Where am I going with this...?

First off there's the pride sense of accomplishment  in constructing something with your own hands- building from small pieces to create a whole.  There's sometimes monetary savings (with renovations or house stuff- you save BIG!), the ability to tweak things to fit your needs- so basically custom work without the high cost of labor.  And don't forget the perk of smugly saying- "oh that?  Oh I made that."

Lately I have been almost annoyed with the barrage of projects I see on pinterest- not annoyed that they exist, more annoyed that I like them and toy with adding them to my ever growing to do list.  It brings me back to being able to simplify my life, live it in the moment, enjoy more, frustrate less.  So again, when is it enough and how do you know if it's worth it?  For me many projects are just not worth it- to spend the time researching, gathering parts/materials, constructing, revising, and eventually executing the project cost more then the money saved and the pride sense of accomplishment I would feel.

I will add that I'm not naturally a crafty person.  I do enjoy making things and under the right circumstances (a fantasy world where I have free time) crafting can be amazing.  But I do not craft to unwind or find piece-  it's not therapeutic for me.  Usually it has the opposite effect on me- stressing me out.  So for now I will be content with just purchasing a few things I KNOW I could make.

What sparked this?  Purchasing new dryer balls.  We don't use dryer sheets- for many reasons, but we started because you simply can't while cloth diapering.  So I made wool felted dryer balls out of yarn.  It took a bit of time, nothing too crazy- and they turned out nicely.  Over time some have been lost, some turned into dog/baby toys and ultimately met their demise.  After actually feeling pain from the static of a recent laundry load- I said enough is enough.  I could have made more, but it wasn't worth it so I bought them instead.  Now I get to feel good about purchasing something handmade from someone who makes their living off of crafting and DIYing- a nice trade off.

Image above is from the shop I used: CleanSypria

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