Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cloth and Craftiness

Countdown 6 days...

L had his 4 month appt today (a little late, but our original appt was cancelled- he is doing great in all physical/developmental areas btw). Our pediatrician is really sweet and L gave her many smiles and squeels. She commented on L's cloth diaper and how she hopes to use cloth with her next child. I was able to pass along info for Banana Peels, which is an online store that also has a show room near by. Having a show room/store is a huge deal because almost no stores carry a nice selection of cloth diapers. Online is great but it's important to feel them and see them to know what you really like- especially in the beginning.

We also received our wet bag from Monkey Foot Designs. It is absolutely perfect- great quality, adorable pattern (this is it). We needed a good wet bag to lug back and forth from daycare to home. Our daycare is awesome and will gladly cloth diaper as long as we provide the diapers and clean them at home.

Since L is getting close to the 6 month date (we are waiting till then to introduce solids), we picked up a cheap/functional high chair at Ikea (and a new cushion for our poang chair- it's great for nursing in). The high chair is just plastic so I decided to make a cushion out of some cute left over fabric. I was inspired by this design, but wasn't able to find the pattern for free so I improvised my looks great from afar and ok up close...much like most of my sewing projects. So although he wont be eating with us for over a month (except for a breast milk popsicle which I am thinking of trying soon since he is teething so bad), he will be able to sit with us at dinner.

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