Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Present to Us

D and I already have our present booked- yes, a mini much needed vacation.  We are spending two nights away from L (this will be a first, previously we spent 1 night away).  My awesome mom will come to stay with L, which can only mean he may enjoy this vacation more then D and I- she is seriously his favorite person.

It's amazing how different I feel planning time away.  As L gets older, more independent, more comfortable with others, and I guess as I get more secure in him being ok, oh and more burnt out and not even having a real moment/conversation with my husband- it gets easier to let go.

We planned this trip to be before the holidays so we can be a little more unwound by the time they come. We aren't going far away, only 45 min.  This is one of many reasons Northern California is the best place to live- close access to so many great places.  Now if only they could do something about the damn cost...

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