Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Kitchen

Here's some photos of our kitchen remodel.  Practically the WHOLE house was covered in carpet (yes even the bathrooms) when we bought it.  But underneath that carpet was beautiful oak hardwood floors in great condition!  The only room without carpet and without hardwood floors was the kitchen.  It had 2 layers of linoleum on top of the subfloor.  Before we moved in and had the wood floors refinished (they were dry after 50 years of no new poly coatings), we tore out the linoleum and had our floor guy add matching wood for a seamless look - he did a great job.  

The original cabinets were solid wood, but the design of the kitchen wasn't working, the drawers had a strange rounded surface and they didn't slide well, and there was corian everywhere!  Corian covered the counters and walls of the kitchen.  There was also bulkheads above the cabinets - if there is anything I dislike more in a kitchen then a poor layout, it would have to be bulk heads!  So we began looking at ways we could redo the whole kitchen on our budget.  

We settled on Ikea kitchen cabinets, and some of their appliances.  In total for all the cabinets (including pulls, hinges, etc), the dishwasher, the oven/stove, hood, and faucet, it was under $4000!  I had always loved quartz countertops so there wasn't any compromise there.  We got a good deal locally on caesarstone quartz - this was by far the most expensive part of the kitchen, being that it was only one item and cost about $2000.

D and I are very fortunate to have family who know how to remodel.  My uncle came down from Oregon and really made this happen - he is an incredible contractor (also helped us with out master bath and baseboards).  We took out the bulkheads, added some spot lights and under cabinet/in cabinet lighting, and added new outlets (D's uncle is an electrician and without his knowledge I doubt we would have been able to do this).  The majority of the work was completed in less then 1 week (we took time off work to do it).  

I don't have a current picture - it's a huge mess in there right now and L is nursing so an updated shot will have to wait.  We finished it off with cheap white subway tiles from Lowe's, a sink I found for $60 online (I can't remember where, possibly overstock), silver blinds from Ikea, and a pendant light from Ikea. 

So thats the kitchen, I will post an updated shot eventually...

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