Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Slowing Down

This cold has forced me to slow down- I haven't exercised in 8 days, I just came back from my first mom group since mid November, and I'm just trying not to have too many expectations or demands on myself.  I have settled with no thinking/planning my next career move till after the new year.  This means no looking into private practice stuff, no browsing craigslist job ads, no planning/ruminating- just being with the fact that I finished something I began years before- a huge accomplishment that will be there for me in 2012.

Yesterday we attempted taking our own family portraits- potentially for a holiday card.  It didn't turn out as I had hoped- hence the attempted.  Some of them are cute, but not what I was hoping for- and L was so not in the mood.  He is strong willed and that will was not to stay still for photos or smile at the camera.  He was scrambling out of our arms, heading towards steep hills, messing with the tripod, touching the camera lens- it was a lot of work.  Photos used to be easy when he wasn't mobile.  Here's a few from the day.

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