Friday, January 7, 2011

Nursery Tour

Here is L's room today.  He doesn't sleep here yet (I could add a crib to the list of useless baby items right now), we do all diaper changes here, play, nurse, hang out....and eventually he will sleep in here. We only had to purchase 2 pieces of furniture- the currently useless crib and the glider, everything else was already owned.  We just tweaked the furniture we already had by either painting or adding baskets to create storage.

Although the style of this room doesn't necessarily reflect "our" style, this is one of my favorite rooms in our home because most of the decorations came from family and/or were crafted.  I reupholstered the glider, sewed the pillows, made the bird mobile, and the quilt on the footstool.  D's mom is a real quilter and made the amazing one hanging over the back of the glider (she also made one for our wedding which reminds me of the wedding every time I look at it).  The framed carriage images were my grandmothers, as was the red light (we painted it red- it was originally cream colored).  The framed fairy tale needle points above the changing station were made by my aunt from Slovakia.  They are pretty old as a remember them always being in my mom's home growing up.  My mom made the needle point birth announcement thats framed near the diaper station.  And D took these amazing pictures.  Love him.


  1. How did you recover your glider cushions? I'm setting out to do this and having a tough time finding a simple pattern to follow...

  2. Riss,

    I followed this tutorial- though mine didn't come out nearly as nice as the tutorial one. Hope it helps.