Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to almost accidently complete a triathlon:

This weekend has made D and I a little delirious, but boy did we accomplish a lot.  My mom came up on Friday to visit and watch L because D and I had a race on Saturday- yep first ever husband wife race!  This was a trail run not just a regular 5k- meaning it had intense hills and part of it was on a tiny 1 lane trail that had some dangerous slops to slip down.  I wasn't aware it was going to be that intense and spent much of the race thinking- "at least I am learning something about myself- I don't like trail runs".  We ran together and came in around 38/39 minutes- crazy slow compared to our regular pace.

After the race we showered, ate, and headed out to buy our laundry room cabinets.  We got an amazing deal at the local Habitat for Humanity Restore- $150 for 2 base cabinets, a huge wall cabinet and molding.  Unfortunately the huge wall cabinet wouldn't fit in our car so we had to make an extra trip and borrow a truck.  We also needed to smog and oil a car so we wanted to kill 2 birds with one stone- D's brother works for a oil and smog service station- so the plan was to drop off our car (while it gets serviced) and take his truck to get the cabinet...sounds so smart and efficient, right?

HA!  Well D's brother that owns the truck wasn't working at the station, but his other brother was.  And the truck we needed was at D's parents house loaded with music equipment from D's Dads band that played out the night before.  We were still committed to our plan since we needed to pick up the cabinet and maybe we were a little high from the morning run.  The plan was this:

D would take our car to the station to be smogged and get the oil changed.  D would take his brothers car to his parents house where he would unload the music equipment so the cabinet could fit in the truck.  He would then go pick up the cabinet, drop it off at our place, return the truck to his parents house, reload the music equipment.  Then drive back to the station in his brothers car, pick up our car and come on home.

So this was still the plan- D is such a trooper!  But then we got some other news- his brother who was working at the station whose car D was to borrow didn't drive to work, he rode his bike!  So then the plan included riding his brothers bike to his brothers home to get his car, THEN go to his parents and so on as listed above.

And after all these hoops D was still committed to the plan....everything worked out and and thats how my guy almost accidently did a triathlon.

But the madness didn't end there- we also moved the office into our extra bedroom, gave my mom the bed and nightstands that were in there (she left with a car full of furniture and a mattress on the roof), and started to turn the office into a playroom/den (for some pretty necessary reasons that I will post about when I post up the finished room).  And today I have managed to primer all the laundry room cabinets and am almost done painting them.  We are so close to be done with the laundry room, and then I can relax...or not.

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