Thursday, September 15, 2011

House Tour

I like to have my home organized, clean, everything in it's place.  This never actually happens, and now that L is very mobile and creative I need to start letting go and just living in the chaos.  I snapped a few photos the other day- yes this is all in one day.


  1. Love the laundry on the chair. Because as I sit here and type this I am ignoring my pile on my sofa. HEHE

  2. haha- what is not pictured is that same (clean) laundry ending up all over the floor- much of needing to be re-washed after L and the dogs played in it.

  3. Hi! New reader :) Just found your blog through a comment you left on MODG... love it! I have an almost 6-mo old and read back through your archives... I think we are going to try a combo of purees at first and then some BLW, it was helpful to read your thoughts, thanks! :)

    PS. Love your beautiful son's name... same as my husband's :)

  4. Hi E. Thanks for coming by and reading. Doing a combination of purees and BLW worked well for us and hope it works for you to.

    BTW: checked out your blog- definitely going to follow you. Finn is absolutely adorable!