Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday!

L turned 1 and we had a party.  It was stressful- I get crazy anxiety when hosting anything- add in that most peple got lost on their way and weren't in the best space when they arrived and a baby and husband that just over the stomach flu...

I joke that I probably had several small strokes through out the event...seems plausible.

But it was also incredibly fun and I was so grateful to have such wonderful family and friends there to love our little guy.  My mom made most of the food and it was delicious (though I barely ate while the arty was going on).  L loved the cupcakes.  And advice to anyone throwing a party with kids- bubble machine and beach ball- those two things entertained all the kids and made for some awesome pictures.

So here are a few many pictures of our little birthday boy.

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