Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Woah, we've been busy...too busy and now I need a vacation.

I ran in my first race on Sunday- totally got the running bug and have been looking up future races to register for. This one seems like a ton of fun- but not sure if I can do a 10K yet.  I completed the Gun Bun Fun Run which is the last 5K/3.1 miles of the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon (possibly something I can accomplish next year).  I was able to run the whole time and I ran about a 10:57 min mile pace, making it to the finish line in 34:02.  Not fast considering the winners of the half marathon were under a 5 min mile pace (yes that the pace average for 13.1 miles!!!).  But its the fastest I have completed a 5K, and I can cross it off my 28 for 28 list!    At the end I got a hige burst fo energy seeing the finish line and all the cheering- but as soon as I crossed and stopped I thought I was going to puke!  Fortunately the feeling passed (it would have been pretty embarrassing).

We have also done a lot with the laundry room.  The plumber came.  It's very refreshing to know a local reliable plumber who will do work for cash- so we saved about 60% off the quotes I was getting.  Sadly after the nice new plumbing was done, D nailed through the water line while securing the floor- we were freaking out!  The plumber came right back, repaired it free of charge.  We put up and tape/mud most of the sheet rock and D did all the tiling (because L absolutely refused to be put down or away from me).  Now I don't love these tiles- but we were going to cheap.  I even contemplated vinyl- but the styles were hideous and I didn't have time to order- gotta do some laundry!  So we picked these 18" squares up for $2 a piece- they are much more blue/gray in person.

Last night we installed the washer and dryer and everything seems to work great.  I have to say that I am so glad this is the last big project we will do in this house.  Renovating is a stressful process (ever seen that show Renovation Realities?).  I like to think that D and I are better off then the average DIYer (because of our experience, help from family), but every time we delve into a reno there are snags, frustrations, and it almost always takes much longer then anticipated.  Well that was how I would describe it pre baby- when both D and I were able to work.  Add L into the mix, as well as his resent teething madness- and its almost impossible.  Only one of us could work on the laundry room at a time- L also ended up getting a high fever over the weekend (still don't know the cause, had no other symptoms).  L has regressed a bit with sleeping in his crib and prefers to be back in our bed.  D also took a little more time then planned helping family with their projects- it wasn't very harmonious around here for a bit.

I think my body is starting to feel the effects of L nursing less or...something.  I always felt an added benefit of nursing so long was the lack of fluctuations in hormones, stable mood, and no monthly changes (yep no cycle!).  Well now it seems like I'm in a constant state of PMS (still no cycle).  What does it mean?  Do I need to supplement with more vitamins?  Is this just my body's way of preparing for the cycle of death- 2 years in the making...reminds me of Annuale.

Will post pictures of laundry room soon.


  1. I don't think I could run even if my life depended on it. It feels like my throat is on FIRE.

  2. I couldn't either, but couch to 5k totally works...but to be honest, I'm pretty sure my *running* looks more like a bouncy fast walk...