Friday, July 29, 2011

11 months!

We are a little late getting to these pictures, but I have to say they are my favorite so far.  You are getting more and more beautiful as you grow.  You officially took two tiny steps unassisted the other day, I know you will be walking soon.  But right now you are satisfied with cruising around, holding onto furniture, and even our hands.  You have seven little chompers, that I can tell- you do not like to let me search around in your mouth- I don't blame you.  You now clap- especially when I say "good job", and wave (but you have interesting timing for your waves- like after we leave somewhere and are getting into the car), and you started having some temper tantrums!  You amazed me the other day by copying something I have done with you (taking your felt tomato toy and putting it on the turning part of your other toy)- it sounds simple, but it showed me just how much you are absorbing and taking in.  Daddy tells me now I have to cuss less.  Food is still one of your favorite things, though like your mom, you love something and can eat it a lot, then get sick of it and don't want it for a while.  It also seems your ability to tolerate dairy is increasing- I have been able to enjoy a small amount of cheese, and you LOVED the goat cheese we let you taste.  Next month you will be a year, time flies.

Love you!!!


  1. Where is that owl shirt from!? It is so freaking adorable.

  2. I know right, its even organic cotton! And It's just from babies r us- rare they have cute stuff.

  3. No way! I'll have to check that out.