Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And now for pictures: Laundry room edition

So here is how the laundry room looks at the moment- far from complete- but I can do laundry (which is why there's piles of it on the floor).

As you can see we still have more drywall the put up, and of course a door....eventually.

It's not a very large room and it's narrow so capturing it in pictures is difficult- but here it is!  I am trying to figure out what kind of cabinet/counter space would work best, so it will probably come last.  But here is a list of things that still need to get done.

To Do:

1. Install fan and lighting
2. Finish drywall- tapping/mudding/sanding
3. Finish dryer vent (right now it works but it's not installed all nice and finished)
4. Paint
5. Baseboards
6. Door
7. Cabinets

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