Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Funny annoying thing happened right before L was born- D received a jury summons several days prior to my due date (i think it actually ended up being on L's birth date since he came a few days before the due date).  Fortunately D was able to postpone it.  Then shortly after L was born I received one.  Again, fortunately my county allows for a 1 year postponement if you are a breastfeeding mother.  Well, L will be 1 next month and the kind people over at the court house decided that exactly on L's birthday I should be a juror!  The hope is that I call the night before and don't get called in.  But what if I do?

I am still a breastfeeding mother- but apparently it's only worth an excused summons if the baby is under 1 years old (frustrating to say the least).  The other issue is I now stay at home and care for L myself.  So if I have to go in I will have to pump, store milk, and find someone to watch L.  That all sounds like no fun.  The other issue is that I would should probably not be chosen to be a juror after they do their questioning.  I am a therapist who has worked heavily with the criminal population and do have strong opinions about how to treat addicts and the mentally ill.  

To be continued....

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  1. Oh, man. Here's hoping they don't actually tell you to report to duty! :o\