Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Happenings...

There's so much going on in our home right now- ya know, like finishing our new side gate (shown below), building a whole room, moving the washer and dryer into said room, designing a credenza (which is going at a snails pace)....

When we first moved in, D and I spent the first year renovating- like every day/weekend/evening- we were demo-ing, building, planning, shopping, designing, laboring.  It was fun/exhausting/necessary- and a great way to release my energy while wishing I was pregnant (that took a bit) and struggling to feel at home in our new town.  We completely redid the kitchen, master bath, back yard (still in progress).  After the first year things slowed down a lot, D and I have continued doing smaller projects here and there, but none of these projects have uprooted us the way those first year ones did.


Until now- we have decided to build a laundry room in the garage.  The garage has this extra pocket of space that was housing my treadmill (gotta figure out where that will go).  It seems like we are back to that hectic, do do do race that comes when you have a part of your home out of commission.  Since Monday we have had no washer or dryer hooked up.  Yes, it's only Wednesday, but with a baby things pile up.  Obviously we had to take a break from cloth diapering while we do this (we were washing diapers every day).  I am not happy with the disposables, but it's only going to be a week (I hope).

How are we able to do this?  My amazing Uncle (who also helped with just about every successful project in our home).  He came down to visit form Oregon for my moms 58th bday- he stayed about 1 week and single handedly built a huge pergola (the one in the above image) for my Mom and framed out our future laundry room.  He is nothing less then incredible/talented/hard working.  L loved him instantly, and L even got to learn a little Slovak.

Here are a few shots of the room in progress.  The plumber should be here Saturday and my goal is to be able to do laundry by Monday! Yes, I am excited to do laundry.

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  1. Can't wait to see the final results!
    P.S - Your kitchen is loooovely.