Saturday, June 11, 2011

28 things for my 28th year

So I turned 28- ever so close to 30.  I'm still enjoying aging- which I hope I continue to say.  D and I have talked about different times in our lives, the stages and ages we have experienced- I always very easily conclude that I love being an adult and wasn't a very happy child.  I think some people's personalities/experiences/preferences just made them better suited to different developmental stages.  I love the independence I have gained as an adult, and even relish in the increased responsibility.  I really struggled to find happiness as a teen, and my childhood was a little sour due to divorce, sibling issues, overall sensitivity on my part.  My 20's have been the best years of my life- and I have high hopes for my 30's.

I've seen other bloggers make lists for birthdays and age milestones- so I thought it would be a fun and motivating experience to borrow from them.  So here are the 28 things I hope/plan to accomplish and experience in my 28th year.

1. Become licensed
2. Run in a 5K race
3. Host a dinner party or BBQ for friends 
4. Declutter (another garage sale, donate)
5. Build the laundry room
6. Go on a family road trip (we have some friends getting married in Oregon in November- might be a good time)
7. Be able to run a 10K (not in a race, just on my own)
8. Take L to Dolores Park
9. Read at least 3 books
10. Go on a family camping trip (these seem awfully appealing with a baby)
11. Take L to the beach
12. Paint
13. Reach my goal weight
14. Become pregnant with our second child
15. Take L to the SF MOMA
16. Remain debt free (besides our mortgage of course)
17. Throw L a small but awesome 1st birthday party
18. Do Bikram again
19. Go out to a dinner with D (like fancy style, multiple courses, wine, the whole thing)
20. Have a family portrait taken 
21. Spend a weekend away from L- just D and I
22. Get a pedicure 
23. Spend less time on the internet 
24. Visit friends more
25. Take L to the library for baby activities
26. Save at least $500.00 every month
27. Find a mom group/play date group
28. Take L to a Giants game

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