Friday, July 8, 2011

The Party Is On!

Today while we nursed our hangovers party flu (last night was the wrap party for the film D was working on)- D helped me figure out something huge- how to make L's bday party less stressful.  We have a nice sized home with a small yard, but with the scorching heat in August we would have to stuff everyone in the living room area and hope for the best.  Since we seriously have too many people to invite to Ls bday this didn't seem like fun.  We have a lot of family and friends- who in turn have a lot of kids/partners.  Also we have people to invite that span from Morgan Hill to El Dorado Hills.  Fortunately D thought of having it at a park- an awesome park in Berkeley- that has a carousel, and train, and the weather should be mild/wonderful.

Now the only stressor I have is that the area we reserved has a 35 person limit- I'm sure we will have more then 35.  Maybe no one will notice or care....

In other happenings- we have multiple projects going on right now- the laundry room should be starting next week, we are making our own credenza because we couldn't find/afford anything we liked, we will be buying a new car (this one stresses me out the most), my race is next weekend, and all the little projects for L's bday.

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