Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trapped and Randomness

We put up the gate- one of the many things we have had to do to make it a little easier around here.  L immediately realized he was caged.

And now for randomness...

I have two bug bites- one on each foot- like on he side near the soles.  They are extremely itchy and uncomfortable.  My poor feet have been through a lot, and it shows.  I used to have pretty cute/soft/young feet.  With all the barefooting (it's a Slovak thing), running, pregnancy, and overall abuse I put them through- they are beginning to resemble an older version of themselves.  And lets not even mention the toe injury from hell.  But they have also been pretty reliable- so I guess it's worth having them worn in.  One day I will reward them with a pedicure- until them I will cringe because I want to itch them but know if will only lead to more itching...

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  1. The 2nd picture looks like a scene from a horror movie.