Monday, January 10, 2011

We Survived!

We made it through day 1 of daycare- it actually went fairly smooth.  I cried when living him and when we came by to nurse him.  He was asleep in their crib- it was sad to see my baby in a crib that wasn't his own/in our home, but I was also so proud of him for being such a bug boy and sleeping so well.  It was cool to see 3 other babies are being cloth diapered.  Pumping didn't go as well- as in I didn't pump as much as L will need.  Hopefully thats due to stress and lack of sleep.

D and I saw The Fighter- really great film.  I wasn't really expecting/excited to see a film about addiction...I wanted to get my mind off work, but it was so well done.   I plan on getting a copy for work- it does a realistic and hilarious job of portraying the family dynamics of addiction.

I'm exhausted so I'm heading to bed early so I can be ready for tomorrow- real work.

Here is L chewing his Sophie after we picked him up.

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