Monday, October 3, 2011


So I started off my morning learning that L's health insurance will cost twice as much as previously thought (and for the most ridiculous reasons that make NO sense- as in he is in a "July billing cycle" and because he was not 12 months in July he is charged the super high newborn to 12 month rate- although he was OVER 12 months when we applied and when coverage started).

I am always so frustrated and saddened by our countries dealings with health care- if you do not have insurance through an employer/school you are basically F*cked!  Unless you are in the poverty level and then you get medi-cal....but don't get me started on how fantastic the system is in KEEPING people at that level. This is a big deal for D and I since we are both planning on working for ourselves (actually when I did work I was only given insurance for me, just L would have cost $1000 a month through my employer).

I realized this morning that the cost of our family health coverage is enough for a second home- now that's RIDICULOUS.  So I immediately start to panic and think about going back to work- but then I would have to factor in the cost of daycare, and the emotional cost.....

This was not a fun way to start the day- arguing with insurance representatives who usually don't know the answers nor have any fault in making the process so terrible.  L hasn't been sleeping well on top of it, and last night was not great.  But after I surrendered to the situation; L and I sat down, played, read some books, and then nursed.  I guess L was a little tired from the commotion this morning and the lack of sleep last night because he fell asleep right there in the bright playroom before 9:30 am.

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  1. I'm sorry! Before I got married my health insurance was costing me almost 300/mo...and as a self-employed nanny that was literally HALF of my paycheck. It seems like there is no right answer for the self-employed. We do the "right thing" by having health insurance and it just about kills us!!