Tuesday, October 4, 2011

13 months come and gone...

So it seems as though the monthly photo shoots stopped at 12 months- that doesn't mean we aren't taking a ridiculous amount of pictures and video (usually just with our phones).  L is over 13 months now and had his 1 year well baby appointment today- yes, a little late.  Our little guy is 23.5 lbs., 31 in. tall, and super cute- yes the Dr. measured for cuteness.

L is in love with B words- ya know; baba (mama and bottle), bur (bird), bow (bowl), baa (ball), bu (book).  He also says da (dog), moo (moon), dada (dada, and the general term for anything he can't say).   His fussy period seems to be ending and we are once again in love.

Last night I was getting giddy thinking about his developing personality, growth, and how truly amazing this little guy is.  I started reading up on potty training too- I was so clueless about when and how to start, but after reading and talking with a few people I think we have a plan.  Soon I hope to get L a potty (or two) and some books on it- this kid loves books.  I must confess that I want to hide certain books of his because he ALWAYS wants to read them and I dread it when he picks them up to bring to me!  Kids books are not always very entertaining for us adults...maybe time for some new ones.

I really want to get him this: Tickle Monster Laughter Kit

Tickle Monster Laughter Kit

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