Friday, October 14, 2011


Looking at the positive side of things that have been upsetting me.

L being HARD (a really bad sleeper/self soother, hater of diaper changes, tantruming more and more, climbing everything!)

  • Easy pacifier weaning- because he never took one in the first place!
  • Easy bottle weaning- he never got attached to them and enjoys trying regular/sippy/straw cups.
  • Super smart! This kids is understanding so much more then I thought he would at this point, and he picks up new words really fast (obviously pronunciation is still being worked on).
  • Cute as hell- Sure I'm biased, but this kid could be a model...and I guess he is- at least to D and I.
  • Healthy Attachment- L is very close to me, D, babka, and his papa.  He is becoming closer to other family members.  He is cautious around new people and strangers.
  • Easy to Nurse- well as first it wasn't comfortable, but he has always been a champ.
  • Awesome mobility skills- started walking, climbing, and now running...
  • Future babies will be the same or easier then L- and since we have survived this, we can survive that.
The dogs driving me CRAZY!
  • They do not chew up the house/furniture/baby toys.
  • They are never aggressive towards L.
  • They tolerate L's not so gentle playing.
  • They eat/clean up the food L or I drop.
  • They distract L when he is fussy- sometimes I have Pax stand and put his front paws on the changing table to soothe L works every time.
  • They are fabulously crate trained- if we don't put them in their crates at night they go in on their own and sleep with the doors open.
  • Potty Trained.
I can't seem to pass 15 lbs of weight loss and I'm not loving exercising or healthy eating right now...
  • I can run over 5 miles- be it slow, I can still do it.  In January I couldn't even run 1 mile.
  • I have lost 15 lbs.- from my pre pregnancy weight, which is a lot...though not where I want to stop.
  • I can do a decent amount of real pushups- before I couldn't do any without being on my knees.
  • I'm stronger.
  • I cook at home more.
  • I am still nursing, 14 months strong!- there were times in the beginning where I didn't think I would make it 6 months.

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