Monday, October 10, 2011

Lets Talk About Breasts

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Having a baby and breastfeeding has caused me to have a greater appreciation for mine. Although the things that make sexualized breasts appreciated are NOT the same that make feeding  or "working" breasts appreciated....

First, bigger breasts are NOT better for feeding- the size has no impact on milk supply, but can be a pain in the a$$ when trying to feed your newborn (smothering your baby with your boob is not cool).  

Second, the less sensitive the better!  Working breasts go through a lot- scratching, pulling, biting, pinching, needing, suckling, etc....

Third, keeping them hidden and out of reach until needed is your best bet.  Sure, I could put my cleavage on display- but thats just asking for L to start patting them, pulling to expose them, and then tantruming till he gets them.  

Recently I spent some time with a few other nursing moms (with babies 6 months or younger)- when they went to feed their little ones they pulled out a nursing cover and I started to feel uncomfortable about breastfeeding.  I was around other women doing the same thing I do, and instead of feeling liberated and normalized- I felt like there was no way I would whip my breasts out and feed L.   See, we don't use a cover- I tried it when he was really little and it never worked out.  So seeing other women cover up got me questioning whether they would be uncomfortable with me nursing without a cover...and this is a new feeling.  When L was younger and easier to nurse in public and I guess more socially acceptable to nurse- I was fine with it.

And no, I wouldn't deprive L of food just because I felt a little awkward- but now he is almost 14 months, a wriggly distracted nurser, and can get a lot of his nutrition else where.  I am starting to see why many women wean, or at least stop nursing in public...

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