Sunday, June 26, 2011

10 Months

L, you have been officially out in the world longer then in the womb.  You're quickly becoming an expert navigating this world.  You started cruising and crawling like nobody's business- and just a few days ago stand unassisted for a bit.  We have begun baby proofing and it seems every day I find new things that need to be proofed!  You are growing in so many ways.  Your weight- yes you are getting heavy, about 21 lbs, and still insist on being held often- hopefully I get some nice cut arms out of it.  You're definitely taller- you have your daddy's long torso- he apologizes that you will struggle to find slim long shirts as an adult.  Your vocabulary is still fairly small, but the babbling has increased.  You say dada, baba, dthiss, and many random grunts that obviously are attempts at communicating.  You are so much more aware of the world- you adore books and being read to- your favorite book right now is "Is Your Mama a Llama?" and "I am Bunny".  Ruff and tumbles would describe your new energy and determination.  And I will never get over how beautiful you are- you stop people in their tracks when we go out- and of course you adore the attention you get.  Wonder if you will live the "bubble".  Nursing is getting crazy- well you are just so mobile and demanding about the boob- the positions and mannerism while breastfeeding are nothing like your sweet little newborn gentleness.  We are so close to 1 we ever came this far in one piece I will never know.

Love you dearly.

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