Sunday, June 26, 2011

Celebrating Remotely

I really wanted to take L to pride in SF this weekend- but with the commute, parking, public transportation, crowds- and no one able to do this with me (I could meet people in SF, but the getting there would be the difficult part with L)- I felt a little unprepared.  Next year for sure!

That didn't stop us from having our own little celebration- from home.  L wore his rainbow babylegs and a rainbow onesie to show his gay pride (his rainbow I <3 daddy onesie was mysteriously missing- double meaning?  yes, thats what made it so perfect).   This pride weekend is bittersweet.  A huge victory in New York, but a reminder of California's failures (prop 8, and the current state of gay rights).  Hopefully this is the beginning of some major national changes-oh, and go NY!!!

Here is L- all tuckered out in his celebratory uniform.

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