Friday, November 12, 2010


I really started reading blogs a few years ago when D and I bought our first home.  We purchased a mid century ranch that needed some love and elbow grease.  We wanted an older home that we could fix up, but maintain the retro/mid century modern style that we both love.  We didn't have a lot of cash so the desire to be DIYers was a good fit.

I thought many times throughout the process of renovating that we should start a blog.  It would have been nice to document the many projects we took on.  I regret not doing so.  But since we did take many pictures along the way there's no reason why I can't post them now.  Sure, it wont be as detailed, but it will be a nice capture of the beginnings of our home.

But first, here are some blogs that have either helped us figure out how to accomplish these projects, given us inspiration, or just motivation to keep going.

Door Sixteen - Anna is my design crush.  Her blog has been visited religiously since I discovered it a few years ago, and I get visibly upset when it's not updated!

The Brick House - Awesome mid century design inspiration, really gets me motivated to go thrifting or scour craigslist.

Making It Lovely - Nicole's extremely dedicating to her renovations...even tackling projects while 9 months pregnant (we built our deck at the end of my pregnancy).

Young House Love - Sherry and John have a really great blog with a ton of easy to follow how tos.  Now they have a baby so their blog keeps evolving and continues to peak my interests.

Brooklyn Limestone - The renovations on this blog are beautiful and elegant.  I really admire people who buy an old home (ours is 60+ years old, but I'm talking about 100+), and renovate it with an homage to the original style.

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