Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy 6 Months!

Yep, thats L sitting up on his own- 6 months does a body good (except or the loss of chubbiness due to being sick so much).   

Yesterday was a horrible day- one of my worst as a mom.  I had already felt like crap just thinking about returning to work/daycare after the weekend was over, D and I were just not in sync, and you were still coughing and congested.  I went to change your diaper and it was one of those times where you were especially acrobatic, wiggly, and resistant to getting a change.  I always push my body up against the changing area as to block you from falling, but this time when I moved my hand and turned my head to toss a wipe I felt a swish by my leg/thigh.  I immediately knew what happened- I remember this as if it was in slow motion (yep- traumatized).   There was no sound, but then the thud broke the silence, and soon after you screamed.  You had falling off the table and onto the hardwood floor.  I grabbed you, yelled for D, and started to nurse you while I cried and cursed myself.  You had a small pink bump on your head- I thought I had ruined you.  D and I checked you out- besides the pink bump (that faded pretty quickly) you seemed happy and playful- we didn't let you sleep for a couple hours (hey isn't that what you always here about those with concussions?).   

But today was a better day.  We went to the park and took some adorable pictures.  You sat up so well!  You have your two bottom teeth (I really need to get a picture of them!) and it appears two more bottoms ones are trying to poke through.  We tried oatmeal last night and it went alright.  You're definitely not that interested in solids yet, well for eating- playing is another story.  I love you lots and can't wait to devote all my time to you.

Happy 6 months!

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