Saturday, February 5, 2011


My nursing relationship with L has started to change and some of the changes make me a little sad.  L is becoming increasingly aware and interested in everything going on around him and slightly less interested in just nursing.   So many things distract him he now- the dogs, lights, computers, people, noises, even me!  It's caused nursing to be a little difficult, and take a lot longer- but not longer because of feeding time, longer because of redirecting him back to nursing.  I've started to notice he does the majority of his nursing at night when tired and in bed- this isn't great for my sleep though!

He also isn't eating nearly as often as he used to.  In the beginning the constant feedings wore on me (oh the pain of thrush and an enthusiastic eater!), but somewhere along the way I got used to his need to feed all the time and it even became comforting and expected- it was a constant in our relationship.  Now I will assume he is hungry because, well it's been over 3 hours since he last ate- I try to nurse him and he just smiles at me, plays around for a bit, and if I push it- he bites me! Yes, he has two razor sharp teeth right now.  I'm not very fond of L's new way of communicating, but I do get the point pretty quickly. 

These changes have also been bothersome since I seem to have caused an oversupply (this is where you produce significantly more milk then your little one needs).  I eat oatmeal every morning- it tastes good, it's cheap, and I was originally worried about not producing enough when I returned to work.  Oatmeal is supposed to help boost milk production.  I also pump much more milk then L takes at daycare, and I can't just give him bigger bottles since he just spits up when you over feed him- it's pretty wonderful that my little guy lets me know what his needs are.  So my freezer stash continues to grow, and I am very grateful I do not have to worry about not having milk for L when he is at I just have to work on preventing the engorgement and in the end may donate some milk.

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