Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Going Bananas

We caved and attempted solids about 1 week prior to L turning 6 months.  We are trying a semi-baby led weaning process- mainly avoiding runny purees.  L liked the process of playing with the bananas, munching some of it mushed up, sorta feeding himself with the spoon- actually more like chewing on the spoon.  Most of it he pushed out, but I saw the proof that he swallowed some!  Anyways, we did a little bit of banana in the evening for 3 days, then tried avocado on the 4th day.  He seemed to eat/swallow more avocado, but that evening and the next couples days he was acting like he had an upset tummy.   We aren't sure what caused it, but that was our cue to slow down and back off for a while.  It doesn't seem like L misses his bananas and continues to vigorously nurse.  Tomorrow L will be officially 6 months- Woah!  I think we may try some sweet potato or pear over the weekend.

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