Monday, February 13, 2012

Renting versus Owning: Kitchen Rescue!

It's such a difference renting after owning- D and I notice all these little projects to spruce up the place- but is it worth the time and money?  So far we have made small changes- replacing some window coverings, changing the shower heads, running a water line to our fridge (the landlords fridge is safe in the garage), having a plumber had another gas connector so we can use our dryer (fortunately the water heater was right there so it was a simple job).  I have to say I don't think I will be painting any rooms- I can live with the white and I am all painted out with the touch ups to our old home.  We are finalizing a project that turned out amazing!

Our kitchen, which is exactly like my grandmothers kitchen- same green tile, same wood cabinets, and brassy pulls- had a funky open space- not suitable for a table, but strangely placed and needing something.  To us it just made sense at get a cabinet or island to add more space- we are downsizing after all and boy do we need more space.

So not only was this kitchen exactly like my grandmothers- it was also 90% the same as our original kitchen in our last home- the one we gutted and renovated (I really miss that kitchen!).  We tossed most everything after the renovation but randomly I kept two wall cabinets- why, I am not really such.  I had some idea about using them in the garage, but never did and they just hung out until the move.  When we were packing up I noticed them and wondered if I could incorporate them in the new place- after all they looked the same as our rental kitchen (gotta love that 1950's consistency).  I did some measurements and realized they would fit PERFECTLY in that strange open space.  All I needed was a countertop (ikea butcher block of course) and legs- oh and a way to secure it without damaging the house- it is a rental after all.

So off to ikea for the butcher block- that was the perfect size and required to no cutting.  We also picked up some 4" capita legs and an adjustable leg.  In a matter of hours- we created a usable kitchen countertop bar and added a lot of storage.

So here she is- our project that rescued the kitchen- still to add are the pulls and stools (I found the most perfect vintage stools for $20 on craigslist- the seller has yet to get back to me though), and obviously some styling to break up all that golden wood tone.

I had initially thought about white toe kicks, but rather like the exposed capita legs- plus it is much less work this way!  We did add a few screws into the original kitchen cabinet to secure the countertop and make the cabinet unable to move.  But these can be puttied up when it comes time to move- and it wasn't such a no no since the whole kitchen is littered with random screw/nail holes.  We do need to finish the backing because one of the cabinets was not fully covered in poly and has a hole in it...but I adore how this turned out.

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