Monday, February 13, 2012

The happenings...

It's raining hard here...and it's nice.  We have a covered patio that makes the rain sound really relaxing.  L loves going outside, playing with his bubble maker, climbing his new climber/slide, and just running around on the grass- he is not too happy about the rain.  We are still settling in- moving with a toddler is sooo hard.  It's been a huge learning curve with creating a safe, functional, toddler home- baby proof cabinets, teaching L what's off limits.  Finally this week it's starting to come together.  I am amazed when I realize this move was imagined and became a reality in less then one month.  Mid January after a few emotional and soul searching conversations with family D and I began our search for a rental- and we found one in two days!  Back in June we tried to find a rental and it was a painful, long, and ultimately doomed process.  This time everything clicked- not without some major stressing and work on my part- but it clicked.  We also found renters for our home!  We initially went through a property management company, but we were very unhappy with their service- or lack there of.  And luck would have it we found renters that D's parents have known for years who have a local business in town.  This level of connection made them seem like the right choice- and it just feels like there is a lot more accountability.

We are still driving the hour and half back to our old place to ready it up for our new tenant who move in March 1st- oh and some major stuff had to be done.  One of the huge oak trees in front of the house was sick and you would sink into the trunk/ground if you stepped on it- totally a safety issue.  I'm pretty proud with the deal I got- total tree removal (not the stump though) of a huge tree overhanging a house for $875!  One of the quotes was $2200 just to give a reference point.  Here he is after already taking a lot off.

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