Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Toddler Eating

Feeding toddlers is not an easy feat.  I guess most toddlers are picky and finicky about their food preferences- loving something for a few days and eating only that- then turning around and not being able to stand it.  L is becoming a pickier eater and acts like he doesn't want anything sometimes. There are instances when I try up to 10 different foods before he takes a few bites- if he weren't still nursing I would worry about vitamins/nutrients.  Sadly, distractions- like sesame street- seem to help with eating.  It's almost like he forgets to be resistant and picky and just eats.

Today L has been offered- eggs, avocado, sweet potatoes, grapes, pasta, cherry tomatoes, apple sauce, coconut water, primeval bars from trader joes (basically a raisin bagel), and chicken...he picked at a little bit of it but I wouldn't say he had a full meal.  He did enjoy playing with his food though.  I think part of makes this phase so frustrating is that I usually end up eating more because of not wanting to waste food....

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