Friday, January 6, 2012


D and I did hot yoga today (bikram).  This is something I was very into years ago.  It's yoga done in a heated room with high humidity.  I was impressed with how ok I felt doing it.  When I first began bikram I would have to sit down a lot, would feel nauseated, and basically wondered why anyone would subject themselves to such torture (ha reminds me of how running initially felt too- well if i was running underneath a heater).  But today, although my core felt very weak, I had more stamina and strength then I thought I would.  I guess any exercise keeps those things up.  But my core- oh how weak it felt.  I'm fairly flexible in some postures, and although I could have gone deeper into them, my core would not have held me up to do so.  But thats the point of doing this- to have a more well-rounded fitness regimen,  Running is great, but I was missing the focus, core building, and stretching that yoga provides.  Yoga is very mental- like running, but instead of getting out of my body like I do while running, I focus on being more mindful of my body.  So again it's a great compliment.  During this class my mind wavered a lot- I went through stages of believing I should come every day, to knowing this was a huge mistake and I should probably go home to take a nap.  Ultimately I left the class rejuvenated and energized.  I can't say the same for D- he was grumpy and burnt.  Even still, we are both looking forward to our next class.

And about that job interview- I cancelled it.  It was not the right fit.  But I do have a few applications out for jobs that would be great.  Although they are full time, they are near my family and would allow for less time in daycare.  And it would be really nice to get paid well for what I do...really nice.  This year is absolutely going to be a year of big changes.

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