Thursday, January 5, 2012


I have been sending my resume around to a few positions- although the "perfect" position hasn't come up.  I have seen so many great ones but either it's not in an ideal location, or it's with a population I'm not too keen on, or it's not the right amount of hours, or the pay will be bad.  I got offered an interview for a job that screams perfect for me- if you ignore the location, the hours, and the possibility of shitty pay.  It's working with a population and a mission that I am very passionate about- psychotic disorders.  If D and I didn't have a child I would probably take this job in a heart beat and relocate to the city.  It would satisfy my emotional needs and I'm sure we could survive  on the income.  But now we have L and it's not just about my emotional needs.  So instead of blindly taking the interview I have inquired further to see if this is even worth going to- why waste my time and there's if I wouldn't take the job.  And no, the "practice" of the interview would not be worth the hassle of getting there.  So we will see what they say.  I am constantly reminding myself that I  do not need to jump at the first job offer.  I don't need to get a job this moment- we are doing fine.  Plus the job has to be worth the expense (daycare cost, travel time, emotional cost of seeing less of D and L).

L has been a little charmer, talking up a storm- oh and somewhere in the holiday chaos he turned 16 months.  This kid just wont stop growing and he is finally getting some hair.  He is sleeping better when he isn't congested/sick.  I have also been decreasing dairy in my diet and his, which is helping.  Maybe it's something I should have never stopped- honestly I felt better when I wasn't consuming dairy.  Here are a few random photos from the past week: A candle made from a mandarin and olive oil, instructions are here.   L splashing at the Bay Discovery Museum- I LOVE that place.  Our pup taking a "princess nap".

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