Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Three Christmas

Whew!  The holidays are over and it's nice to get back to our routine.  We had a wonderful xmas (actually three of them) with so many gifts and a lot of family time.  The biggest hits on my list would be the amazing quilt from my mother in law (which I had seen hanging up in her quilting room before the holidays and admired but had no idea it was for me!). And my crock pot which has been used for the last 5 consecutive days. Oh and my boots- how I LOVE these boots- they are perfection.

L was literally showered with gifts- so many that we decided to keep some in the closet to open for playing at another time.  I also need to donate, throw out, store away some of his older toys that have either fallen apart or he doesn't play with any more.  Having a baby really increases the amount of "stuff" you accumulate.  There is always a more minimal approach to things- but as much as I want to be that  mom with one sippy cup, one little car, and a few wooden classic toys- I am not.  I think part of the excess has to do with L being high needs.  We are constantly changing out products because they just do not work with our little guy- for example swaddling.  It's supposed to work for all babies right? NOT- we tried so many blankets, woombi, wraps, etc- he hated all of them and eventually we realized we wont be getting any use out of them.  Pacifiers- another product we tried so many of and none of them took.  Oh and the constant changing of car seat toys.  L fights us hard when it's time to get in the car seat.  Right now stickers are working really well.

We let him pick a sticker to add to the mirror during a tantrum, and while he admires it and waves/says hi to it (it's ridiculously sweet), we buckle him in.  Stickers have been life savers, but like the previous "lifesavers" (a bubble blowing wand, mum mum snacks, books, keys, our phones)  we know that he will eventually evolve and become immune to stickers as well.

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