Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mommy stressors

When does it get less embarrassing/stressful when your kid isn't exactly nice to other kids?  L is a sensitive little sweetie, but a lot of times his behaviors are aggressive with other babies and even older kids.  We went to D's friends housewarming and they have a daughter a little over a month older then L.  She was freaking adorable, and so polite, gentle, sweet.  Upon arriving L made sure she knew not to F with him- he took all the toys she was playing with, pushed her, tried to dismantle their fireplace gate, and eventually pushed her off a riding toy onto the ground.  She fell backwards and may have gotten a bump on the concrete.  I was super on him when we were there- like a hovering helicopter.  It felt stressful and annoying, but I didn't want him to injure their daughter or himself.  The moment I decided to step back and let them sort things out themselves- gotta learn some time right?  Thats when L knocks her over- she was crying- and I felt pretty mortified.

I need to stop comparing L to other kids- but it's hard not to notice such drastic differences (especially between girls who are- in general- more gentle and cautious).  But in other happenings around here- L is sleeping like a champ!!!!!

I think he is finally getting it.  Usually for day time naps we time an outing so that he can fall asleep in the car on the way home and then we transfer him to the crib (something we used to not be able to do).  Then for night time we walk or nurse him down- like we always have.  But then something amazing happens.  He will usually wake up once, maybe twice before 11pm (goes to sleep around 7:30pm).  He either goes back down easily or needs some boob and then goes right back down- and get this- HE SLEEPS ALL THE WAY TILL MORNING!!!  Usually he wakes up around 6am, but we will take it!  It's been so nice to get full chunks of sleep.  There has been a major decrease in testiness around our home that I'm sure has to do with us all finally getting some real sleep.

And have I mentioned he is a genius?  It's amazing to se him understanding archetypes- for example he knows what a moon is, so he can spot it no matter what (full moon, half moon, picture, real life, drawing, etc).  This applies to so many things.  D and I were playing with him the other night and he blew us away with naming things correctly.

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  1. Hey Mama, just wanted to say that your son sounds normal in his roughness. It'll be okay. He also sounds very smart. He'll learn to be more gentle, too.