Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This past week D did some major work on the laundry room and finished our side gate (which turned out exactly how I had hoped).  Working freelance means that sometimes he is really busy and we hardy see him, and other times he is barely working and we freak out a little bit.  Well middle of July began some serious time off for D- apparently it's slow out in the film and television world.  So last week while I nursed my toe surgery (did I mention the six shots to numb my toe basically felt like 6 epidurals in my feet- it was horrible and I'm still traumatized) D went to town on the house.  He installed the lights and fan, finished the drywall, tape, mudded and sanded it, and stained the side gate.  Then we were able to paint most of the room (by most I mean all but the lower part of the back all- some how it was forgotten when sanding).  I have to say these things really helped make it feel like a room!

There is a very annoying blue line that we can't seem to cover with just painting over it- possibly was made with an oil based ink by the previous owner?  So we have to use some kilz or something and then try to paint over it.

But look how amazing it's becoming...

So here is the the to do list to date (which has grown):

To Do:

1. Install fan and lighting
2. Finish drywall- tapping/mudding/sanding
3. Finish dryer vent (right now it works but it's not installed all nice and finished)
4. Paint (almost all done!)
5. Baseboards
6. Door
7. Cabinets
8. Add shelving in closet area 

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